Tuesday, October 16, 2018

A New Yoga breathing video

Diagram of the lungs


Hi Friends,
Here is a link to a new (I made it nine years ago, but just posting it now) video explaining in the most detail the three part and rhythmic breathing that I encourage students to practice as a support for their body based  mindful meditation practice. The last thirty minutes includes the series of standing postures I include during my retreats followed by a relaxing laying awareness.

Sitting postures: good and not so good for maintaining alert awareness.

Both knees grounded to the floor with spine  straight maintaining natural inward curve of the lumbar vertebrae and chin level, parallel to the floor

Knees up in the air, back slouched, chin down

Have a calm and peaceful meditation/awareness


  1. I am reading ONE NIGHT'S SHELTER (From Home to Homelessness) for 2 times. It is very interesting , I like meditation and yoga,too . I wish happiness and strong to you ! Thank you so much hiii ( I am Vietnamese :) )

    1. I would very much love to watch the breathing video but the link does not work. Sadhu Sadhu Sadhu!