Sunday, July 22, 2018

Long overdue update

Uplifting photo: The peak of Mt. Hood from 20,00 

Hi Friends,
It has been a long time since the last posting of the Yoga videos.
Since the beginning of April I have residing at my new basecamp of the Lion of Wisdom Meditation Center (LOW) in Maryland. I have been conducting a Day of Mindfulness (DOM) once a month as well as an Afternoon Intensive (AI) each month. We have also been improving the facilities to have overnight weekend retreats starting in October. There is a growing need in this tri-region area of Washington DC, Southern Maryland and Northern Virginia for a meditation center like this, for short 'battery charge' retreats.
From June 28-30th the Sri Lankan community organized a Dhamma Youth camp held at LOW. 25 children aged 10-17 participated along with supervision of their parents. Most participants with parents slept in tents on our spacious grounds and had a big bonfire at night. I lead them in two short meditation sessions and gave two Dhamma talks orientated for youth. Everybody enjoyed it very much.

On July 15th we hosted Ven. Sukhacitto, an old friend bhikkhu from Germany who conducted a one day Dhamma Contemplation session. Please check the Lion of Wisdom Meditation center website for more details of upcoming programs and info.

Apart from the activities at LOW I had lead a ten day retreat from June 1st-10th for the Ottawa Buddhist Society held at the beautiful Gallillee Center in Arnprior Ontario,Canada.

From July 4th-8th I lead a four day camping retreat at the Atlan Forest Camp near White Salmon. We slept in tents and had a yurt for our meditation hall. Yoga was done outside on wooden raised decks under the tall Douglas fir trees. It was like a nature retreat.
I also spent a night with the bhikkhus at the Pacific Hermitage in White Salmon.

The photo at the top of this post was taken on the flight from Chicago to Portland, Oregon on my way for the retreat. The analogy is that during meditation we get a glimpse of the 'Peak of Awareness' that occasionally arises through the veil of the mind's hindrances.

And from July 25th-30th I will be in New York to conduct a weekend retreat at the Buddhist Insight's retreat house in Rockaway Beach. I am also scheduled to give a talk on meditation at Google Headquarters in NYC. 

Photos of the Atlan Forest retreat
Group in front of meditation yurt

 Walking meditation to the creek for nature awareness

Meal offering to the monks in the outdoor kitchen and dining area

 Afternoon yoga outside

Inside the Yurt and camping area

Monks at the Pacific Hermitage, White Salmon

Sunrise on Mt. Hood in Oregon

Mt. Adams in Washington 

The Lion of Wisdom Meditation House

With Ven. Sukhacitto at back entrance

Dhamma Contemplation group under the Bodhi Tree

Youth Dhamma Camp at LOW June28-30th 

Givings orientation for the camp

Evening Bonfire, marshmellow roast, and Dhamma skits

 Meditation on the Fire Element

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