Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Three books by Bhante Yogavacara Rahula for free download

 Please click here to download the e-book "One Night Shelther".

  Please click here to download the e-book "The Way to Peace & Happiness".

Please click here to download the e-book "Meditation - Body & Mind Connection" .


  1. Dear Bhante,

    I clicked on the links, they open the books, but can't save them to my computer. If I right-click on the page, it seems that there's a save command, but the resulting pdf files from that command can't be opened. Is it meant to be that way, i.e we can only read directly online?

    I'd like to save them so I can read offline on my mobile phone. I must be an Internet dummy, so if there's a way to save the files, please do let us know. The browser is Google Chrome.


  2. It's in PDF format. May take a while to load up.

  3. Hello

    I am very happy to see Meditation - Body and Mind Connection is available again; I am reminded to take my M&M's. The link for One Night's Shelter is incorrect, though the book is available elsewhere I'm sure. Mindful travels, happy travels!

    Miles from Maine

  4. I also did google search for the book One Night's Shelter. I found the book here:

  5. Who do I contact about getting Dana of a financial nature to Bhante Rahula?

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