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A new yoga breathing video just posted on 10.25.'18.
This is a detailed explanation of Yogic sectional and rhythmic breathing with coordinated exercises at the end.
Three part Yogic breathing explained

Here is a link to a youtube Dhamma talk on, The Essential Cause and End of Suffering, given at the Lion of Wisdom meditation center on Saturday August 11th, 2018:

Here is the link to a recent Dhamma talk  youtube video I gave at a retreat in India on using yoga exercises and deep slow breathing as a help in practising vipassana meditation.

Here is the link to a thirty minute Yoga exercise video I made in Romania in summer 2014. It encapsulates the series of yoga exercises I teach during some of of longer retreats.

Here is a Youtube link to a new 25 minute Yoga for Vipassana Meditators recorded at the Global Mindfulness Summit in Sri Lanka:

Hi friends,
I just received a link to a newly finished short film (12 minutes) that I had made with a Nepalese friend/ film-maker, Samrat Kharel. This film was shot on a trip to Pokhara, Nepal and subsequent trek we made to Muktinath in 2012. The subject of the narration is about the nature of consciousness and the merging with nature.

This is a link to You Tube that has all my other videos:

 Journey to Western Tibet Part 1-- Kathmandu,Friendship Bridge, Southern route, Peilko Tso, Lake Manasarovar

Journey to Western Tibet Part 2--Tasparang, Kailash Kora, Mt. Everest and Rombuk Monastery

Trekking in Patagonia Part 1

Trekking in Patagonia Part 2

Three part Yogic breathing explained