Travel/Teaching Schedule

Travel and Teaching schedule


February 17th-March 4th-in Sri Lanka for the Global Mindfulness Summit to be held on Feb.23-25;
Pre event program on February 21st
 pre event flyer
3 day retreat on February 26-28th to be held at the
Kalalgoda Meditation Center, 
Kalagoda Road
Thalawathugoda;  contact Gitan at <> for more details.

April 1st-November 1st--staying at the Lion of Wisdom Meditation Center in Gaithersburg Maryland, excepting when out on periodic teaching/events; see below

June 1-10th, retreat for the Ottawa Buddhist Society at the Gallilee Center, one and a half hours drive from Ottawa, Canada; for details contact Evelyn Tan: <>

July 4th-8th retreat at the Atlan Center near White Salmon,  Washington State (very near the Columbia River); contact <>

July 27th-29th-New York City; 3 day retreat in Rockaway Beach Buddhist Center.

August 20th-27th attending mother's 100th birthday celebration in Riverside, CA.

September 1-7th- six day retreat at the Bhavana Society, High View, West Virginia.

September 28-30-3 day program at the Pittsburg Buddhist Vihara


  1. Greetings, Bhante!
    May I ask, where in Sri Lanka will you be spending your Vassana? Will the teaching/retreat schedule and application method be put up on this page closer to the date?
    May your journey in sansara be very short!

  2. Dear Bhante
    Are there any details for Romania retreat in July?
    Is it open for registration for people from other countries apart of Romania
    Thank you
    Roy Koren

  3. Dear Bhante Rahula,
    I was elated to read your blog. I met you only once - when I attended a retreat at the Bhavana Society about 6 years ago. I have asked many people your whereabouts and they could only tell me that you are traveling. After reading "One Night Shelter," I am not surprised at all about the life you have chosen. Like the Buddha who was not bound by tradition and views, you have chosen to be inspired by the Sangha who chose to live in solitude and practice the dhamma. I wish you the Veeriya and good health to pursue the real happiness you seek. Sadhu Sadhu.
    Nandana, Minnesota

  4. vanda mi Bhanteji
    like u we want to walk on the DHAMMA PATH til liberation.. how to develop continuity of mindfulness ?

  5. Ven Bhante,

    Are you visiting India in near future. I want to meet you Bhante.

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