Chanting/Dhamma talks

Here is a link to the Facebook page of Buddhist Insights where you can see a couple guided meditations and Dhamma talks from a retreat in Rockaway, New York over July 26-27, 2018!/buddhistinsights/
Two Dhamma talks given at the Lion of Wisdom Meditation Center in Maryland in June and July 2018
1. New Dhamma talk; We Are All Refugees
2. Understanding Dhamma and Practice

Guided Metta Meditations & Namo Buddhaya Chanting
Understnding Dhamma and Practice
Buddhamas Carol / Ode of the Vipassana Yogi 

 Lyrics to Buddhama Carol


Link to talks and Guided Meditations from a seven day Vipassana Retreat held in Ottawa in 2011:

This a link to a website where it is possible to download the talks from my retreat on the Awareness of Death held at the Bhavana Societ5y, West Virginia from September 9th-14th:

16 Dhamma Talks/Guided Meditations from the Vipassana/yoga Retreat  May 2007:

  Four Foundations, Guided Meditation - Jul 24, 2007"

Girmananda Sutta":

Link to more of Bhante Rahula's Dhamma Talks:

Link to a talk on, Moment to moment Birth and Death;

Link to talks/guided meditations from the Ottawa Buddhist Society retreat from June17th-24th, 2016