Monday, October 2, 2017

Overdue Update

The new improved Sambodhi Meditation Center in Ladakh

Hi Friends,
 Sorry for the delay between posts. I was Ladakh, India from July 19-September 20th and the internet access was such that I could not create new posts. Now I am in Mumbai for two days with good connections and time for getting in a quick update.
 My travel and teaching schedule took me to Germany, Ladakh and now in Maharashtra State, in central India. All of the retreats and teachings went on well with good participation in all these locations. You can consult the Travel/Teaching page to see the details of those retreats.

After leaving Germany I arrived in Leh, Ladakh, India on July 19thst. I stayed at the the Mahabodhi Sambodhi Retreat Center for two months conducting a series of 8 retreats. It was three years since I was there last and a lot of good, attractive improvements have been made. It is a very wonderful place to hold retreats, but only in the summer months.
In between retreats I was able to get in some trekking to some places I had not been to before.

It begins to get cold in Ladakh, at an elevation over 11,000ft. in the middle of September and the number of tourists begin to dwindle.
So the Sambodhi retreats closes up shop about then, as 90 percent of the retreat participants are from outside India. So I also headed south to Middle India. Now I am currently in Maharashtra where the temperature is above 30 C.
Here are some photos.

Chainsawed Buddha out of tree truck at the Metta Vihara, Allagau,Germany

With old friend Hans Bloching on a day hike in the Alps

Taking a refreshing swim after the hike.

Colorful garden in Sheneverdingen, Germany

View of Himalayas from plane on the way from Delhi to Ladakh

Viewpoint at Mahabodhi with Stok Kangri 20,00ft.

View of the entire Mahabodhi Devachan campus with the Sambodhi meditation center in the foreground; note viewpoint at left 
The Milarepa rock cave outdoor meditation site

Notice the second viewpoint at top of mountain

Young samaneras circumambulating the stupa

 It is a long climb up

But well worth it!

Sunrise meditation on top viewpoint 

Scenes from my treks
The trekking monk

Overnight camp on the way to the Stok La

Rugged, beautiful mountains

Steep climb up to the Stok La; 4,900 meters elevation

Interesting, unusual sight in the Nubra valley

Usual chores in the remote villages

The Monastery in Tangyar village

View of the Shyog River valley in the Nubra Valley

Green oasis is a pleasant respite from the unrelenting sunshine on the high barren mountains

The last sunrise on the week long trek through the Nubra Valley

Selfie at the end of 100 kilometer solo trek through Nubra Valley

May all Beings be Well, Peaceful and Wise

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  1. Wonderful inspiring picts, much gratitude for posting Bhante... just amazing how you walk the walk in this steep topography' the Dhamma's power ( a power without force is most powerful evidently!) has a fine residence within and without yr body and heart!
    Now, the garage at Lion of Wisdom does have some electrical service running from the main house panel to it to like light a light in the the garage and maybe one outlet d'ya know so we can anticipate what we need done... to also,correct me if Im wrong, Bhante to make a sufficient working workshop in that building. Mangalam, Bhante, see you next Friday!