Thursday, March 17, 2016

Update since December

Meditating at Keyes Point in Joshua Tree National Park, overlooking the Salton Sea

Hi friends,
 Just a short update of what I have been doing since Christmas. In January  there was an overnight excursion to Joshua Tree desert in Southern California with two old friends from Riverside.
On Feburary 15th I flew to Rio de Janeiro to stay untril April 6th to continue with preparing for the new stupa. I also made a five day visit to the Buddhist group in Belo Horizonte to lead a weekend retreat.
I will return to Riverside on April 6th for a short time before moving up to middle California and then Oregon.
Check my Travel/Teaching schedule page for more details.

With a little imagination it could be a standing Buddha

Steven and Barry around the evening campfire

The namesake Joshua Tree for which the park is named along with the rising moon

Entrance door to the Rio Buddha vihara

Shortly the small sitting Buddha will be replaced with a two meter high standing Buddha

Panoramic shot of the Rio de Janeiro Bay taken from atop the city park in Niteroi

The new Museum of Tomorrow as the centerpiece of the harbour renovation in time for the Summer Olympics

A nice swimming hole near Belo Horizonte

A pre-fabricated stupa built in Sri Lanka--The Rio Vihara hopes to get one installed

Until next time,

Mindfulness a Day Keeps Dukkha Away

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