Monday, November 2, 2015

New Yoga for Vipassana Meditators video

Dhamma friends,
Here is a link to a video showing the basic routine that I have been teaching in most of my meditation retreats. I integrate these bending and stretching exercises co-ordinated with deep rhythmic breathing with the practice of body centered vipassana meditation. This helps the meditator to more easily develope relaxation and awareness of breathing as well as subtler body sensations that is the beginning of vipassana meditation. Being grounded in the breathing body and connected to the subtler sensations helps to observe the stream of intentions, urges and thoughts and the flow of impermanence which is the deeper level of vipassana meditation.

This video was made at the end of a short retreat I conducted in Romania in July 2015, just before going to Sri Lanka to spend the three months vassa (rainy season retreat). A report of my time at the NaUyana Forest monastery and Sri Lanka will be posted shortly.

This link is to a Interview I gave in Romania, with the title, The Mind and Mindfulness:




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  2. Dear Bhante Rahula,
    I read your book " One Night Shelter" eight years ago(2008). That book opened up my whole family for meditation, I have tried several times to meet you, but didn't have any luck😊. I have been practicing meditation when ever I can. Recently, I did a yoga retreat in McMinnville, TN. That experience took me beyond my mind and body for a few seconds. I have been practicing yoga and meditation for eight months now. I have been interested in learning Vipassana meditation. I recently skim through your book that I read in 2008, there I have underlined the pages where you have experienced yoga, and I have made a note to myself to learn yoga from an authentic yoga master😊.
    Just two days ago I searched your name on line and found out that you are incorporating yoga and vipssana. We are very excited that you have an upcoming retreat in WV.
    So, fortunate to have found you back on internet😊. Looking forward to a retreat with you someday soon.
    Dilini and TJ Oziemblowsky

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