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Europe Tour 2014

The new pagoda (Kapelle) at the Metta Vihara

Hi friends,
After the treks in Nepal I came to Europe for a series of teachings and meeting old friends.
The first stop was my first visit to Bucharest, Romania to make a short retreat at the Anahata Yoga Center managed by George Petre. He is slowly trying to make the center into a Dhamma/meditation center and has been inviting Theravada bhikkhus over the last couple of years to come to Romania. George had come to the Berlin, Frohnau Buddhistisches Haus to participate in a four day retreat with me last year. At this retreat in Berlin he had invited me to come to Romania. Romania is behind the rest of Europe in getting the Dhamma and developing facilities for retreats and inviting teachers.
I also gave an interview  at a private university to be broadcast on their  television station and talked on mindfulness at a conference at the same university.
While in Romania I was driven out to the Black Sea Coast north of Constanta for a leisure day.
I was surprised at how many people in Romania speak good English.
From Romania I went to South Germany and then Austria to meet some old friends and have a day hike in the Alps.
From Austria I took the train to Geneva and lead a weekend retreat sponsored by the Centre Bouddhique. The retreat was held in a small village in the mountains near the French border west of Lac Neuchatel.
The following photos give some highlights.

At the Private University with George (to the left) and the director of the university 
Participating at a conference on Mindfulness meditation

Giving a talk in a meditation center with George translating

The infamous Palace of the late Romanian dictator

 Countryside between Bucharest and Constanta

Gazing over the Black sea
Meeting my Sri Lankan friend, Gitan in Austria.
We stayed at Gitan's friend's house near Salsburg for a couple of days and he took us for a drive into south Czech republic and a day hike in the Alps near Salsburg.

 Bush growing out of a chimney in the Czech countryside.

On a day hike in the alps an hours drive from Salsburg

Alpine huts on top-we did not make it that far

With two monks from the Geneva Buddhist Vihara on Lac Neuchatel

The small Swiss village where we had a weekend retreat

The Eiger, Jungfrau and Monch on a clear day
(never mind the open mouth)
From Switzerland I went up to the Pauenhof meditation Center near Duisburg, Germany and conducted a four day retreat following which I went back to South Germany in the Allgau to stay at the Metta Vihara and then conducted a ten day retreat at the Buddha Haus.

 This year was a special year for the these two centers founded by the  well known German Buddhist  nun, Ayya Khema. On May 23rd they celebrated the 25th anniversary of the founding of the Buddha Haus. I was there then in 1989 for that occasion. On May 24th at the Metta Vihara a special  pagoda was consecrated. It was built specially for housing relics of the Buddha and an Arahat that were brought from Sri Lanka and Burma. This 'empowered' pagoda now serves as the spiritual focus or 'center' of the Metta Vihara. During the ceremony Bhante Nyanabodhi generously gave a portion of the relics to Ayya Sucinta
who is the abbess of the Anenja nuns Vihara which is located nearby the Buddha Haus. Next summer in June 2015 the first ordination of a Theravada bhikkhuni in Germany will take place at the Anenja Vihara.
More photos highlight the events.

Gathering at the Buddha Haus

Teachers authorized by Ayya Khema

Metta Vihara within the woods

Main building with meditation hall, kitchen and guest rooms

The alps

The tent in the distance where the Wesak celebration took place

Colorful painted flags installed for the occasion
Bavarian horn blowers played inspiring tunes

Hand carved wooden deer grace the entrance to the shrine
New sign on the Pagoda

Ayya Sucinta happily receiving a portion of the relics

The relics new home above the floor of the Pagoda

After all these functions concluded I conducted a ten day meditation retreat at the Buddha Haus from May 29 until June 8th. On June 10th I flew to India with two German friends and am currently residing at the Mahabodhi Int'l Meditation Center in Leh, Ladakh. More on that in the next posting.


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  1. Hello Bhante, are you going to conduct any retreats in India in the future? I heard you might be conducting one in Maharashtra in October. Is there any website or mailing list through which I can keep track of your schedule so that I won't miss your teachings.