Tuesday, July 24, 2012

!0 day retreat in Leh, Ladakh

Suriya Namaskar Tableau in the new IGIA, Delhi

Hi  friends,
On the stopover in Delhi from Malaysia to Ladakh I saw this new bronze tableau in the new Indira Gandhi Int'l Airport. It is quite impressive. It would be nice to see such inspiring sculpture in Western airports.
I am in Leh, Ladakh since June 29th. The elevation here is 3,400 meters and it requires visitors to lay low and rest the first day before doing any long walking around.
I am staying at the Mahabodhi Int'l Meditation Center (MIMC) in Choglamsar which is situated about six kilometers from the center of Leh city.  I was warmly welcomed by Bhante Sanghasena, the founder and spiritual advisor of MIMC. He kindly invited me to stay here until September 8th. I conducted a ten day retreat at the secluded Sambodhi Meditation Center located in a remote corner of the sprawling Devachan campus. About fifteen of my students from Germany, Sweden, Sri Lanka  came all the way for this purpose, as well as for additional sightseeing and trekking. Others from various countries participated making a total of 28 persons attending.
 The following photos give a glimpse of the beautiful surroundings and retreat activity.

Driveway to Mahabodhi Global Family Guesthouse


View of Guesthouse Office and Hospital (right rear)

Green spot in the center is the Sambodhi Retreat Center

Individual meditation cells on Milarepa hill

The sprawling Devachan Campus with meditation at right

Approach to meditation center
Sambodhi retreat campus

Meeting with Bhante Sanghasena (center) and other visiting monks

View from meditation center across the Indus River to Stk village and Stok Kangri peak

Sunrise and Sunset hill for occassional yoga and meditation sessions

Kuan Yin Bodhisattva of Compassion

Memorial stupa for four Malaysian Mahabodhi devotees who lost their life in a car crash in Ladakh

Milarepa meditation rocks

Meditating under rocks

View from porch of meditation hall

Meditation hall

Morning yoga in front of meditatiom hall

Heading over to ring the Peace and Wisdom bell on the last day

Sending out the vibrations of Peace and Wisdom over the Himalayas to all sentient beings

Returning for meditation on the hill

Morning yoga

Ending with the Lion's roar

Various sayings of the Buddha to contemplate

Tying the blessing string on participants

Bhante Sanghsena  congradulates blesses all the participants for their sucessful retreat
For more information on the Mahabodhi Int'l Meditation Center and all their charitable services and summer meditation programs please check out their website:http://mahabodhi-ladakh.org/

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