Friday, March 23, 2012

India Tour, Part 4; Ajanta Caves, Pune, Global Pagoda

Back in India, Part 4

Panorama view of the Ajanta Caves taken from,  

'The Viewpoint'

From Ahmedabad our group of five took the overnight train to Bhusawal and arrived at 5:30 in the morning. We were met by a suv sent by Mr. Ramesh Bunsoor. On the drive back to Aurangabad we stopped at the viewpoint overlooking the famous Ajanta Caves. I had been to Ajanta many times over the last 38 years, but I never tire of beholding the magnificent  location and sight of the caves.
We also stopped at the Lokuttara Buddha Vihar to admire the beautiful meditation hall.
I spent three last days in Aurangabad before driving to Pune to spend two days. I gave two public talks and meditation class in Pune and had a leisire day to visit the small Buddhist Caves at Bedse, about fifty kilometers from Pune. From Pune I was driven to Mumbai for my final two days before flying off to Kathmandu, Nepal.

Close ups of the Ajanta Caves starting from the main entrance

Main entrance to Caves below right; The rainy season, July-September, offers the more splendid views of the caves with several waterfalls and lush greenery.

Different caves have more or less of rock cut Buddha images, a chaitaya and many paintings.

White color on rock face is where water runs down in the rainy season.

Caves numers 26, 25, 24; One of these has a large recumbent Buddha image

Cul de sac at end of caces with waterfall pool (in rainy season); I enjoyed many refreshing dips here in previous visits and even slept overnight in the low cave behind the pool. 

Lokuttara Buddha Vihar; located betwwen Ajanta and Aurangabad

Buddha images to to blessed by Paritta chanting

Chanting Paritta at the Buddha Lena Vihar, Aurangabad

With monks from Pune at the first Vihar outside of Pune started by Dr. BR Ambedkar;
From left: Ven. Mahanagaratna, Ven. Sugath and Ven. Nagosh

The approach to the Bedse Caves

Main Bedse Cave with Chaitaya

With the caretaker of the caves

Approach over the water to the Global Pagoda

The Global Vipassana World Pagoda outside Mumbai

Inside the World's largest stone made dome; seats 10,000 vipassana meditators with revolving teacher's seat in the middle

With Ven. Ananda outside the Old Portuguese Chuirch in Mumbai 

Salvation by Vipassana or Christ

Notice the Buddhist influence?

The End of Tour in India

When you read this post I have already finished five days trekking and am now in Namche Bazzar, high in the Himalaya of Nepal. After two days rest I will begin the Three Passes Trek around Mt. Everest. I am making this trek with a German friend, Attila Joo.


  1. Gorgeous photograph and valuable information... thanks for posting such an edifying article..


  2. Greetings Rahula,
    I seemed to have missed you at Bhavana just this past week (by a few years I was told). I hope you are well, your journal is quite fascinating. Kathy and I wish you all the best,

  3. hi, i thing buddha is a real identity of india. buddha in real hero of india as well as world. buddha is no limited. buddha is unlimited. buddha is world's best lord as well as god. buddha and dr. babasaheb is my ideal. and i fill proud because my ideal persons is very good social reformer.