Saturday, February 25, 2012

India tour, part 1; Nagpur, Amravati, Aurangabad

Back in India

Hi Dhamma friends,
I have been in Maharashtra, India for the last month giving talks and retreats in four different places.
I started in Nagpur which is located right in the center of India in Maharashtra visiting most of the Buddhist viharas and monks that I have been helping over the last twenty years. I have seen the slow but gradual development of these centers of the Ambedkar Buddhists. The following pictures can tell most of the story.

At the train station in Nagpur with Ven. Vimalakirti

One day workshop at Nagpur

Five day retreat near Yewatmal

Outdoor meditation

In front of my namesake kuti at WatPhali

The Saddhamma Buddha Vihar at Amravati

Shrine room in the Saddhamma Vihar

Talks in rural villages and towns

Giving blessings at a house dana
If one acts or speaks with an impure mind, then suffering follows like the cart wheel follows the foot of the ox;  Dhammpada, verse 1

To be continued


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