Monday, July 6, 2020

4th of July weekend retreat

Photos from our 4th of July Retreat
Hi Friends,

Some of our meditating friends were feeling the need for a short respite from their home isolation so we offered a in house retreat over the Fourth of July. We had limited the retreat to 8 persons to keep our spacing and masks were worn when in close quarters. A few people brought their tents and camped out in our spacious grounds under the full moon. We made a bonfire for our 
4th fireworks with sparks coming off the fire, reflecting on the fire element, while the neighbors were celebrating with traditional fireworks. It was relaxed and casual with periods of yoga and intensive meditation.
I gave the Sunday Dhamma Zoom broadcast reflecting on the meaning of Independence Day from a Dhamma point of view.

Scroll down to the previous post listing the recorded weekly video talks.

Saturday, April 18, 2020

Dhamma talks, Q&A, guided meditation and Sutta Study via ZOOM

Hi Dhamma Friends,

I am giving a series of Dhamma talks, Q&A, guided meditation every Sunday at 2 pm Eastern Time (US) and Sutta Study on Wednesday eve. at 7 pm Eastern time via Zoom and YouTube live.
Because of security reasons to avoid "ZOOM Bombing" and unsolicited advertising etc. I am not publishing the links/invites to the Zoom sessions here. If you wish to join you should send an e-mail to: requesting such and the links will be sent to you.
These weekly Zoom sessions will also be broadcast live on the Youtube channel available at the following links:


Otherwise, these talks are being recorded and are/will be available to see on YouTube with the links below.

April 12th Zoom Dhamma Talk/guided meditation

April 15th Sutta Study/guided meditation

April 19th Dhamma talk/guided meditation

May 20th Sutta Study, Mindfulness of the Body, M.119

May 24th Dhamma talk, Wisdom, Mindfulness, Concentration plus Five Hinderances

May 27th Sutta Study: Conquest over the Five Hinderances

May 31st Dhamma talk on the 8 Insight Knowledges

June 3rd Sutta Study, Satipatthana Sutta M.10

June 7th Dhamma talk, Ten Fetters and 4 stages of Freedom

June 10th Sutta Study, Mindfulness of Breathing, M.118

June 14th Dhamma talk, Review of Meditation Process

June 17th Sutta Study, The Relay of Chariots, M.24

June 21st, Dhamma reflections for special days

June 24th Sutta Study M131, One Excellent Night

June 28th Dhamma talk, Samsara and Dependent Origination

July 1st Sutta Study, Dependent Origination

July 5th Dhamma talk, Moment to Moment Rebirth

July 8th Sutta Study class was accidently not recorded, Sorry.


Wednesday, April 1, 2020

These Trying Times

Dear Friends in Dhamma/meditation

This is a very challenging time for people/beings all over the world and the modern globalization and internet bring it home more quickly. The spread of this virus in a way reflects the internal spread of ignorance, misinformation, fear, greed and hatred that has/is infected/infecting the minds of people around the world.
This is the time when the teachings of the Dhamma of Impermanence and no-self and the practice of mindfulness meditation is sorely needed in order to remain calm and grounded in the present moment with wisdom and friendliness/compassion towards ourself and others. 
Those of you who are having more leisure time and confinement to home due to being laid off, or working from home can use this 'blessing in disguise' to  practice more simplicity and meditation. Especially try to increase the practice of the M&M, 'minute of meditation'. This is to stop whenever you are moving too quickly or worrying about something, feel you feet pressing the floor and take a few deep slow breaths, holding the breath in the lungs two or three seconds and slowly let out the breath. This is one of the most simple and natural ways of letting go of the past and future, letting go or negative thoughts, and touching base with the present moment awareness which is always 'just beneath our nose'. The more you can do that at least every hour you find it a great benefit for helping to keep more relaxed and grounded during the day.

As a Kalyanamitta, spiritual friend, this is what is offered in this time of stress and uncertainty.

Stay Mindful, Wise and Healthy

Bhante Yogavacara Rahula