Wednesday, September 12, 2012

My last month in Ladakh

Hi Friends,
I spent the last month of my stay in Ladakh conducting five additional back to back 3-day retreats for the Mahabodhi Int'l Meditation Center in Leh, Ladakh. The last retreat ended on September 2nd.  Between 22--37 persons attended each retreat.
Following that there was a three day, International Festival of the Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh held from September 4th-6th. This event was also held at the Mahabodhi Devachan Campus. So it was quite a busy time. I did not even have time to get in an extra trek through the Markha Valley that I was kinda planning. But I happily resign that to Impermanence and non-attachment.

Here are some of the group photos showing the odd assortment of persons from at least eight different countries who came to each of the retreats. Persons from Israel dominated the numbers. Ven. Sanghasena, the founder and Spiritual teacher of the MIMC met with each group after the retreat to congradulate them for completing the course and give them words of encouragement.

Here are a few  photos from the Int'l Festival of Buddhist Heritage of Ladakh.

Ven. Sanghasena addressing the Chief guests of the Festival on the opening night
One of many Ladakhi Cultural dance presentations;

An excursion to the Shanti Stupa in Leh with two delegates to the Festival; Ven. Indrasara of Sri Lanka and Ven. Maitri of Nepal

The Japanese Peace Pagoda overlooking Leh city

The Mahabodhi Devachan Campus; Sambodhi retreat center lies at the base of the mountain

I am now in Sri Lanka until November 1st.
 Please check the travel/teaching page for my  whereabouts and teaching programs through the end of the year.

     May all beings be well, Peaceful and Wise


  1. Hi Bhante, I just found your blog. Thanks for sharing the photos.

    Last year I spent three and a half months living at Shanti Stupa in Leh. It really is a beautiful city and the surrounding countryside is lovely as well. Did you get to the ancient Tisserru Stupa not far from Shanti Stupa?

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